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WeChat marketing solutions

8Big solution,Direct business pain points。Based on the high-level interface to WeChat made research and development of many innovative applications,Solve the depth requirements of different industries,Fall to the ground more industry“The Internet+”Mature solution。

The most perfect WeChat distribution
Mall solution

Differential pin,The amount of leap

The first wireless distribution products in China,Commodity data share a key to thousands of WeChat、Wireless agents,Preempt the wireless terminal distribution position。Mobile distribution first tool,Open a shop...

Tech-oriented web site
Integrated marketing solutions

Tech-oriented web site solutions

Along with the modern network technology is more and more mature,The scope of the development of electronic commerce and Internet applications are growing,Business trade is more and more from the traditional sales model to online sales model changes and development...

Integrated marketing solutions

APPDevelop solutions

Character design,Unique,Reflects the design style enterprise culture concise code、The pursuit of speed,Compatible with the mainstream browsers and phonePCThe data synchronization,Easy to manage,Comprehensive network marketing zero cost increase..

Individual site-Successful cases

Products cover many industries,Open the Internet enterprise+Era

The company's web site

Huizhou Ed home decoration co., LTD

Huizhou Ed home decoration co., LTD. Is a company to undertake All kinds of board type furniture、Board type furniture customization、Household articles for use、Bedding、Office supplies、The kitchen supplies,Cover indoor and outdoor decoration、Sales:Building decoration materials......


Real estate project is introduced

Huizhou east rich network information co., LTD

The hotel has 310 Rooms,Equipped with luxury club banquet hall, etc,Integrating business and leisure travelers,Service facilities。


The company's web site

Eastern elegant furniture co., LTD

Focus in the service of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage home whole house custom、The hotel project、The clubhouse、Example room home ready to customize,The beauty of the perfect present home design。


The foreign trade website


It is a new type of company specialized in import and export rights of customs based on Guangzhou Zhaodong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


More classic case

Tech-oriented web site-Successful cases

Products cover many industries,Open the Internet enterprise+Era

Huizhou RenYu catering management co., LTD

New progress of huizhou city industrial co., LTD

Guangdong luofu mountain national medicine co., LTD

Limit of enterprise management consulting co., LTD

Huizhou HuaChen reside adornment co., LTD

Guangdong sweetheart network technology co., LTD

More classic case

The entire network marketing-The solution

Set up and create for you,Screen more tech-oriented cross-platform integrated marketing solutions


WangPai Tech

WeChat marketing-Successful cases

Products cover many industries,Comprehensive power universal store marketing

Open the international brain training center

Talent potential test

Huizhou small pot of tea

Huizhou is kumi health science and technology co., LTD

More classic case

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Tech-oriented web site

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Electric business platform for decoration

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The path to advantage 素谓天成

With your heart、With responsibility、With affection、A man without I have,People I。

11Precipitation in industry
33+The choice of listed companies
12The internal implementation process
53A multiple industries involved throughout
100%Deep within the station optimization

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Understanding of domestic electric industry dynamic,Learn electricity dry goods

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