Jingjiang yangzi instrument co., LTD. Is founded1986Years,Economic and technological development zone is located in jingjiang city west road in the state12Number,Adjacent to the beijing-shanghai high-speed jingjiang exit,The transportation is very convenient,Advantageous geographical position。
Company focused on diesel engine、Engineering machinery、Shipbuilding and so on the research and development and production of all kinds of sensors。The main products are:Thermocouple、Platinum thermal resistance、The oil temperature sensors and engineering machinery supporting with temperature、Liquid level、Pressure、Speed sensor、Remote monitoring system of Marine diesel engine and related secondary instrument, etc。
The common faults occurring in the use of electromagnetic flowmeter (2016/6/7)
YW2000、YW3000Intelligent power monitor is compared with the conventional power transmitter (2016/6/16)
The application of wire and cable are divided into three categories (2016/5/23)
Instrumentation standard number_Instrumentation based standards (2016/4/8)
Instrumentation standard number_Instrumentation compulsory standards (2016/3/13)
      Into the heart of the Yangtze instrument technique
      Enter the puts forward Suggestions on the Yangtze
    Yangzi instrumentThe recent recruitment plan

      My company equipment is advanced,Strong technical force,Products are sold nationwide、In the、Small diesel engine factory,Is willing to domestic and foreign customers to provide quality products,Guarantees the product,Welcome all enterprises and institutions to come to our company to negotiate guidance。

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