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Shanghai翰申鞋业有限公司成立于1997Years,Specializing in the production of all kinds of labor insurance shoes,Including anti-static work shoes、Protect the toes safety shoes, etc。Company has by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine、National production license issued by the state administration of work safety,Certificate of special labor protection articles and safety sign。Not only has the production of special protective equipment anti-static shoes、Conductive shoes、Protect the toes safety shoes、Puncture proof shoes(Super)、Electrical insulating leather shoes(6KV)Qualifications,More long20Years of experience in professional production of safety shoes,Is a leading domestic labor insurance shoes manufacturing enterprises。

At present,All employees500Name,The engineering and technical personnel60More than。Company building area of about11,000Square meters。In recent years,Hanshen continued and sell well both at home and abroad,The annual output150Double。More than90%Shoes are exported to foreign countries,Mainly for France、The United Kingdom、Germany、Japan、South Korea、Such as the United States。
The company has been committed to innovation,Strive to design all kinds of high quality products to meet customer demand。

Specialized in manufacturing anti-static shoes,Low resistance safety shoes,Conform to the standardEN 61340 CLASS 1 Standard
Ultra-low weight safety shoes,Each shoe is about460G(42Code,SBStandard,Steel head)
Super non-slip shoes,Test results of two or three times in the European standardSRCStandard
Sole of high temperature resistant safety shoes,Can withstand300Degree of high temperature
Safety shoes with a waterproof leg warmers,Applicable to a variety of workplace

The core competitiveness