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 Hunan Webster building materials development in science and technology co., LTD2009Years,Is a professional committed to research and development of metal protective products enterprises,Is the collection research and development、Production、Sales、Engineering installation in a body's comprehensive enterprise specialized in color zinc steel protective products,The company is located in the beautiful star city----Changsha city of hunan province。 The main products of the company:Zinc steel guardrail、Protective window、Aluminum art fence gate series。 The company has well-equipped production workshop,The standard of coating production line,With an annual output of ten thousand tons of zinc color steel protective products production capacity。The company has choose anti-corrosion ability、Meet international standards of high quality carbon hot-dip zinc steel tube raw material,Using surface rust prevention treatment of european-style fencing appearance design and no welding penetration assembly way,We make the metal surface rust treatment technology and high-end car bake...
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